Founded in 1976 under the name Fahnebrock, Schomerus was one of the first German-Spanish law firms on the Costa Blanca, and soon became the most trusted law firm for the major legal protection insurance companies. 

We have chosen a Roman helmet as our symbol. Schomerus is a German surname of Latin origin that means “guardian”: guardian of the safety of the village, of the people and their rights.  

The Schomerus law firm has an experienced and competent team of German and Spanish lawyers who specialize in the main issues of German-Spanish civil and commercial law as well as international private and criminal law. Schomerus represents its clients in courts throughout Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Schomerus works with  an extensive network of experienced attorneys and procurators,  built up over many years. The role of these colleagues and procurators is key to the success of a number of the litigations in Spain.

International Collaboration

In addition, our firm works with firms in other countries, of course, in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The Schomerus law firm is in regular contact with lawyers in German-speaking countries, but also in the Benelux countries as well as in several Eastern European countries.

In the United Kingdom, a special cooperation exists with the law firm Zimmers in London. Our law firm is also recommended by the Spanish embassy in London and the Spanish Consulate General in Zurich, as well as by the Norwegian embassy in Madrid.

Our fees

The work of a lawyer can cover very different areas and the demands placed on him or her also vary greatly according to the specific characteristics of the mandate. For this reason, it is often difficult to establish fixed fees, but in order to make our rules on fees transparent, you will find the principles described below:

General rules:

In the out-of-court area (e.g. when claims are made against third parties) we calculate fees in accordance with the RVG (German Lawyers’ Remuneration Act) unless the client prefers the Spanish rules. Both are based on the value of the proceedings (the so-called value of the matter) and there are fixed fee tables which also take into account special features such as the participation of several people on the client’s side, or the international aspect.

In the case of judicial activities we follow the rules of the Colegio de Abogados de España (Spanish Bar Association). However, the minimum fees, which are also used by the courts to determine costs, vary from province to province. We charge according to the fee recommendations of the Valencian Community, unless we work in courts that apply different fee rates, such as in Catalonia or the Canary Islands.

Special cases:

Inheritance and buying and selling property can pose very different challenges for the lawyer. There are non-problematic cases but there are others in which one difficulty follows another without this necessarily being apparent from the beginning. This is why we start with a fixed fee based on the value of the property/asset, but which can be supplemented by a time-based fee if  difficulties arise during the process.

For cases where the value of the object is unclear and it is uncertain how long we will work on the case, an hourly rate can be established.